My experience with the worst Internet Service Provider in the world “Tikona”

Yes you read it right – Worst Internet Service Provider in the World and really Tikona Digital Network surely deserves it. It all started in Oct 2015.

Anyways, I was looking for a good Internet Service Provider in Rohini Sector 7, New Delhi. I did a bit of research online. After a few hours I narrowed it down to a few ISPs. Airtel, Hathway, Den Boomband and Tikona. I called up Spectranet guys because you know who doesn’t want a 20 Mbps Truly Unlimited (No FUP) at 1050 INR. Damn yah! But then they said that they are not available in Rohini.

Anyways, DEN Boomband refused me a connection because of the area restriction. Honestly, I didn’t called up Hathway at that moment. But later on I found that they also don’t provide services in my area. So I looked up for Tikona plans on their website. I was not looking for some crazy speed plans because you know Speed comes with a price😀



Masaan by Neeraj Ghaywan

The most honest way to make a film is to make a film for yourself. Masaan directed by Neeraj Ghaywan released in India on 24th July, 2015. Neeraj Ghaywan said in an interview that I am not expecting audience because I made Masaan for myself. Anurag Kashyap said that I am jealous of Neeraj Ghaywan because he made Masaan. He added that this is the second time this has happened. First time it was Vikramadtiya Motwane’s ‘Udaan’ which made him jealous. I watched the movie today in Q Cinemas, Kundli (NCR). I was planning to watch Masaan in New Delhi because there was no show available for Masaan in Kundli, NCR. Not even a single show in three multiplexes – Big Cinemas, Mukta A2 Cinemas and Q Cinemas. So I booked the tickets for Masaan in New Delhi but BookMyShow fucked up and I didn’t watched Masaan in New Delhi. I posted a comment on Neeraj Ghaywan’s profile that Why is Masaan not releasing in my area? I don’t know whether he noticed it or not but to my surprise it was listed in Q Cinemas today’s morning. There were two shows – 12:30 PM and 05:00 PM. Without giving a second thought, I tried to book my tickets but as usual BookMyShow’s script had some issues. So I went to cinema and got a ticket from the box office. Entered the cinema hall with some expectations because it won two awards and Cannes this year and coming from the production house Phantom.


What the heck Microsoft?

Microsoft is all set to release Windows 10 on 29th July, 2015. Users who are running genuine Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Users who want their hands-on early can reserve their spot and get Windows 10 on 29th July. But users who don’t reserve their spot will get a notification that Windows 10 is available for your device for free. Users who have Windows Updates enabled will receive the notification. You can upgrade your Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices to Windows 10 from 29th July 2015 to 29th July 2016.

Now what about those users who are running Windows 8. First they have to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and then to Windows 10. Microsoft is again messing up things like they did the last time.

Last time they released Windows 8 and after a while Windows 8.1 update. Users updated their devices to Windows 8.1 but Microsoft didn’t provide an option to create media. Even if a user has Windows 8.1 .iso file then the Windows 8 key will not work on it. You have to first install Windows 8 and then update to Windows 8.1.

This time they are saying that user will be able to create media and can install a clean version of Windows 10.

FTII Strike

FTII Students Association Clarify Their Stand on Every Accusation

We have yet again communicated with the I&B ministry to open a second round of discussion. A letter was sent yesterday, to which we are yet to receive a response. Meanwhile, many claims and counter claims are being made with respect to FTII, the students and the academic culture of the Institute. With no communication coming forth from the ministry, it becomes imperative to clear air of speculations and faulty, misunderstood facts, and provide context to the allegations made. For without perspective, they are no better than half-truths.


The alleged backlogs of certain batches is not a recent phenomenon but a result of government policies imposed on the institute from 2004-05. To quote Mr.Pankaj Rag, IAS officer and former Director of FTII (2008 – 2011), “….In 2004-05 eight new short term courses were started, and that suddenly increased the number of students. The Supreme Court ruling regarding the increase of reservations quota also added to the number of students. Despite this rise in the number of students the infrastructure and human resources of the institute were not increased and upgraded, which should have happened simultaneously…”